1. All products are offered for sale subject to availability

2.a) The prices in any price list are subject to alteration without prior notice and products will be involved at the prices ruling at the date of delivery.
b) A delivery charge will be applied to orders of less than £100 net. The rate will be reviewed from time to time without prior notification.

3. The prices quoted are exclusive of VAT

4. For Customers with Approved credit accounts, payment for the products shall be made on or before the agreed credit period expires. For customers without credit accounts payment for the products shall be strictly net cash on receipt of goods.

The Vendor reserves, the right:¬

a) to charge interest at a rate to be notified in writing from time to time calculated on a daily basis on all sums outstanding on accounts rendered on the date on which such sums become due until the date on which payment is actually received by the Vendor,

c) to charge £20,00 for each cheque unpaid by the Customers Bank And £20,00 for each Direct Debit. Including the case of cheques returned marked “Please Represent”
For returned cheques marked “Refer to Drawer” the Management reserve the right to cancel Accounts and Terms quoted and to request A Bank transfer, Card payment or Cash on delivery Only.

5 Risk in products shall pass to the Purchaser upon delivery, The Vendor accepts no liability for loss or damage to products in transit unless the Purchaser:¬

a) at the time of delivery, examines the products as delivered.

b) and retains for inspection all packaging material and

c) endorses any delivery document with details of any obvious loss or damage, and

d) notifies, the Vendor and when applicable any independent, carrier in writing of any loss or damage before the expiry of the third day after delivery.

6, No Credit will be given for returns., unless marked for return on a delivery document. The Vendor reserves the right not to allow credit if:¬

a) the goods are in a form so as to begate their being re-saleable,

b) the manufacturer of the goods dis-allows credit to the vendor

7 It is the Purchasers, responsibility to rotate products so the oldest product is sold first ¬No Credit will be given for out of date products. nor will they be exchanged,

Products purchased for resale must be properly kept and handled at all times and must be resold by the Purchaser only in the condition as sold or prescribed by the Vendor

No liability will be accepted for any loss or damage or expense attributable to the absence of, or an error in, bar coding printing.

8 Property in products delivered shall remain with the Vendor until the Purchaser has made payment of the full price thereof to the Vendor, The Vendor may repossess and/or dispose of any products in which it has property and the Purchasers grants all rights required by the Vendor to locate, to gain access to, to mark and remove them, The Purchaser shall to the extent of his indebtedness from time to time to the Vendor in respect of products supplied by or an behalf of the Vendor be under a fiduciary duty to account to the Vendor for the Proceeds of all sales by the Purchaser of the Products in which the Vendor has property, In selling such products the Purchaser shall act as principal and not for any purpose as the Vendor’s agent.

9 The Vendor shall not be liable for any failure or delay in performance of its obligation to the Purchaser as a result of causes beyond the Vendor’s reasonable control including strikes, lock outs or trade disputes.

10 Any condition of contract which the Purchaser may purport to impose shall form no part of the contract between the Purchaser And the Vendor. Any variation of these terms and conditions of contract must be agreed in writing and none of the Vendor’s employees or agents has any authority to bind the vendor by an oral agreement at variance with these Terms and Conditions of Sale.¬

11 Keg, pallets, returnable bottles and cases and gas cylinders referred to in any invoice. certain containers (i,e, returnable bottles and cases) will carry a deposit charge which will be refundable on their return, when empty, casks. Kegs, pallets, returnable bottles and cases and gas cylinders should be made available for collection by the Vendor and its agent. The Vendor reserves the right to charge the Purchaser a reasonable price for any casks, kegs, pallets and gas cylinders not returned in a sound condition after a reasonable time.

12 The purchaser agrees to indemnify the vendor for any legal costs and expenses the vendor incurs in seeking payment for any sums/debts due.